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What is Karavel?

Karavel is a project that provides tools and knowledge around the Kubernetes stack to deploy and manage private Containers-as-a-Service platforms in the Cloud and on premise.

The main output of the Karavel project is the Karavel Container Platform, a curated set of components and services based on the best-in-breed open source projects, carefully configured to deliver a production-ready platform for enterprises.

The Karavel Container Platform

Karavel provides many different components that together form a cohesive and integrated environment called the Karavel Container Platform.

The Karavel Container Platform selects specific versions of these components that are tried and tested together and publishes them as a ready-to-use kit to assemble GitOps-enabled platforms for enterprises. Check out our quickstart guide for an introductory view to the Platform.


  • Run on any conformant Kubernetes cluster
  • 100% open source stack based on community and CNCF projects
  • GitOps first workflow, enabling the platform to be self-hosted and updating itself
  • Built-in security tools for secrets management, policy enforcement and access control
  • Elastic routing layer with automated DNS, load balancing and certificate management
  • Comprehensive observability stack with metrics, logging and distributed tracing collection and visualization